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Vincent Paul Enomar of BeautyPaul Makeover – HMUA based from Quezon City

Beauty is superficial, what they say about it that it is in the eye of the beholder cannot be more true. When you take a look at beauty properly, you will understand that a person’s beauty comes in two forms, the inner beauty and the outer beauty. While some are blessed with outer beauty, come of them still lack their inner glow. On the other hand, there are also some who already has their inner beauty but needs help with their outward appearance.

This is where the enhancement of makeup comes in. And with the widespread awareness about what makeup can do, we have hair and makeup artists that we consider professionals in their field.


One of the notable hair and makeup artist in the industry today is Mr. Vincent Paul Enomar of BeautyPaul Makeover. He is one of those who rose to fame with just his talent and amazing skills at hand.

At first, this incredible makeup artist is not even confident in his skills. That is why when he joined Ricky Reyes’ 33rd FILHAIR ASIA, he just joined for the sake of joining the contest, he never expected that he would win the 2nd runner up place.

Hindi koinaasahannamananaloakosa competition naitokasimaramingmagagalingna Make-up Artist here in Philippines. Kaya nagbakasakaliakosumalikasi gusto komatunayansasarilikona MAGALING DIN AKO.”


With his amazing talent and skills being partnered with his acquired confident that he is good at what he does, he is now set in helping his clients achieve and reveal their natural beauty.

As a professional hair and makeup artist, he believes that everybody’s beauty can be revealed by simply showing the sincerest smile they can give. Proper hairstyling and makeup can help a person reveal all the beauty that they can show.

With all the hair and makeup artist sprouting in the industry, what makes BeautyPaul stand out?


Well, aside from the fact that his branding and business name is so genius, he also is a down to earth artist that doesn’t let his fame get to his head. With every client that trusts him to help them reveal their beauty in their special day, comes BeautyPaul’s promise that every creation he does is distinct and creative and up to date as possible.

If you want to have that ‘edge’ and become BeautyPaul on your special event, don’t hesitate to call and book Mr. Vincent Paul Enomar of BeautyPaul Makeover, it’s a guarantee, you’ll be the fairest on that day.


Professional Hair & Make Up Artist


#158 jasminst.brgy holy spirit quezoncity,metro manila

Mobile No: 0975-9158-111 (GLOBE)



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