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Valor Alba – Boracay’s Finest Host

A very important aspect of every event is their guests. A wonderful event aims to make sure their guests are well-fed, entertained and happy when they leave the event. Events with happy guests tend to stick longer in people’s memories and serve as an incredible life event for the celebrant.

A vast majority of the happiness of the guest relies on the suppliers, the key is to have everybody working in harmony. But what if something comes up? Then you have to have a fantastic emcee to save the day. People in the backstage are the only ones who should know about it, the emcee’s job is to make sure the guests are entertained and that they do not know what is happening backstage.


This is the absolute truth with host/emcee Valor Alba from Boracay. We all know that the host gives life to the event. Truth be told, majority of the success of an event lies on the host. Even if problems arise in the food or other aspects, a good host will keep the party going by entertaining your guests and making sure they won’t get bored.

Driven by his positive outlook in life, he makes sure that every event he hosts will be a successful one, leaving all the guests and the celebrants smiling as they go to sleep the night after the event and all the nights following that.


Vey, as what people fondly call him, resides in Aklan, he already has a vast number of experiences and successful events up in his portfolio. Events after events pour to his Facebook wall, and with every post comes the countless thank you and congratulations to him, stamping the fact that he has done exemplary in their events.

A good emcee needs talent, they have to be a good at conversation and they have to be able to convey what they want to say in a manner that the guests can relate to. Vey does this effortlessly, when you watch him host an event, he is one of those people that will get you to say “He is meant for this.”


A great emcee doesn’t only need talent to succeed. They need more than that, and this is Vey’s secret. He makes sure he connects with the clients, because he understands that every event is a client’s once in a lifetime chance to enjoy and to live the dream. This is what he nurtures; the life and happiness of the client is his secret to being great.

Vey is a firm believer and lover of LIFE. Staying true to his motto, “Enjoy LIFE to the FULLEST because LIFE doesn’t deserve us, WE deserve LIFE,” he makes sure that he brings LIFE to every event he hosts.

Whether you need someone to host your wedding, debut or even you kid’s party, you will not go wrong with Vey. Why? Because hey, as he said, we deserve LIFE, then we say, YOUR EVENT DESERVES VEY.



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