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Teena Barretto Events


12072639_868486923249724_2313205036920291478_nIn events planning industry, one name stands from the rest-Teena Barretto. This lady is known for her Thematic, unique, fresh and sometimes unconventional ideas when it comes to conceptualizing special events.

Some of her most amazing works were the grand weddings of Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasquez and Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera. Recently, Teena recently handled the 10th anniversary celebration-renewal of vows of Marc and Danica Pingris. Liza Soberano’s unforgettable 18th birthday concept was also under Teena’s magic touch.

The list of celebrities that Teena has worked with is quite long. Mention someone from the entertainment industry and chances are Teena have worked with them. Some notable stars that Teena worked with include couples Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez, Mickey Perz and Geeann Abrahan, Chito Miranda and Neri Naig, Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada as well as Rica Peralejo and sister Paula, Roselle Nava, Jenny Miller, Miriam Quiambao, Claudia Barreto, Yeng Constantino, Wendy Valdez, and the sexy Rufa Mae Quinto.




Teena has always been fascinated by events and parties since she was a little girl. She remembered having been tasked to organize different kiddie activities in their neighborhood. It continued until her high school and college days. Her skills and creativity to make memorable events in school and family gatherings really amazed everyone. She found pleasure in doing these things, so much that even after her internship at Acropolis Beaverworks, she worked part-time for the company thus learning a lot about event production, corporate shows for big brands and establishing her network of events suppliers.

After she graduated from college, Teena entered advertising. Her exposure to making TVC’s and making cohesive, creative products for big clients in business industry enhanced her creative power. The task ahead was so great but Teena didn’t cower from challenges- she delivered and she did it excellently.

She stayed in the busy realm of advertising for four years and loved every minute of deadlines, pressures and adrenaline-pumping excitement of producing output out of myriad of ideas.

12657201_915340025231080_761358518534517728_o“I loved the pressure, I loved the deadlines, I loved the stress, oh my goodness! I was chewing stress, pressure, and deadlines 24/7. I simply loved being in the creative world, like my soul thrived in it!”

It also fired up her passion for events planning which according to her is her “original love.” She felt it was time to follow her passion and create her personal brand in events planning industry. She set her eyes on weddings.

“So I decided to try something new and went into wedding planning. I wanted to create something very personal that would touch hearts and lives in my own little and creative OC way. I made sure to study again, got my certification and accreditation from the US. I had no concrete plans at that time. I braved leaving the advertising world, even when I had no clients booked yet .However, just barely two weeks since I resigned, I was able to book three clients. That’s when I got my validation that this really is for me and made it even to pursue my passion for events planning.”

She pursued her studies wholeheartedly and finally earned the prestigious title “Certified Wedding Specialist Worldwide”. She was also given accreditation from the National Bride Service, USA.

With these honors under her sleeves, there was no stopping this indefatigable lady. In 2005, she established TeenaBarreto Events. In no time at all, she has proven to be a mighty force when it comes to planning any special ocassions.


“The only guarantee we give our customers is to make their dream event a reality. With us, being part of people’s milestones – be it weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or corporate celebrations – making their plans become unforgettable moments and celebrations, are what we can commit to them. From planning to implementing, we make sure that everything will be smooth and they can expect a successful event through us. That is the best way you show how much you value them.”

She believes that what sets her company apart from others is simple-

“I think what really sets us apart is that we do not copy nor conform. We make sure that we stand out from the clutter. With technology always growing by the minute, we keep up with the new technology while staying true to elegance, style, and class. Our team is able to merge these technologies with creativity and innovation. Having the attitude of wanting to create something new, something that’s not readily available in the market – that’s what makes us unique.”

Teena shares that she has so many unforgettable experiences in the industry and all of them marked milestones in her career and some served as enlightening lessons.

With all the praises from satisfied clients who became friends and personal endorsers of her unique approach to events planning, Teena just want people to remember her company with this personal message-




“I love it when I hear my clients and suppliers use phrases like “it is very Teena” or “style Teena Barretto.” I’m the type that looks past convention and bent tradition. I am unafraid to be tagged as crazy or impossible. Basically, I want people to remember us as the one who made their dreams and fantasies come true no matter the odds. Creativity requires courage and I have so much of both. So for me to be able to deliver, I need to push the people I work with to do things they haven’t done before.”

If there is one thing Teena wished she knew when she started following her passion to create event, she admitted that she didn’t know what to say because this was her dream and her choice.

“Oh, this one is difficult. I don’t know what to say. I felt like I’m really meant to do this. Like I was born with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be the right person for this job. Modesty aside, down to the core, I am made for this job.”



Teena Barreto Events

Henry Javier Street Barangay Oranbo, Pasig

Mobile No.: 0917 884 0007


Instagram: @teenabarrettoevents


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