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How To Find The Best Host For Your Event? | Here are some professionals that you can never go wrong with

The Master of Ceremonies or what is commonly called as the Emcee is the overall host of your event. Whether the guests will enjoy your event or get bored by it, will greatly depend on how good your host is.

The host makes sure that the whole event is not dull and that everyone is comfortable and happy. Needless to say, the host can usually make your break your event. So how do we make sure that you get the best host for the event? Here are some factors to consider:

1. He has to be organized.
In any supplier that you will talk to, it pays to observe whether they are organized or not. If somebody came to a meeting with his files all around and he can’t seem to find a piece of paper to show you, then that may not be an organized person, and the chances of him overlooking your event can also be high.

2. He must be in the loop.
A good host needs to know what is going on with the whole event. Even if he will only be in front of the guests, it is better if he knows all the suppliers, and the whole program of the event itself. Why? What if there is a problem with food, when the host sees that the guests are getting uneasy, he knows who to ask about updates so he’ll know exactly what to tell the guests. He can keep them entertained while the issue is being resolved.

3. He has to have the initiative to know the bride and groom.
The core of the event is to make the couple’s dream come true. All the visitors there will be connected to the two of them. A good host will have the initiative to meet with the bride and groom at least once to ensure that he can personally vouch that he knows them.

4. He has to be careful with his jokes.
As anyone who is to face the public, a good host must know when a joke is just a joke. He must be careful not to offend anyone or he may risk facing the awkward silence phase. That is what any host should be avoiding.

5. Hire a professional.
With all these requirements, how can you make sure that the host you are talking to meets these requirements? I hate to break it to you but that will be hard. So to avoid having to regret your choice, you might want to consider hiring a professional for this.

Here are some professionals that you can never go wrong with:

Metro Manila:

Atom Ungson |
Francis Day |
Archie Zapanta |
Julius Arvin Atayde |

Moxx DeVera |
Richard Agtarap |

DanCabisada |

Vet Lauzon |
Darlene Tan-Salazar |

Jamie Fournier |

Kevin Lapena |

South Luzon:

Randy Balaguer |
Mark Adrian Silang |

North Luzon:

Papa Tom of 93.5FM Dagupan/

Amanda Santiago |
Don Dante Casibang |


Billy Sienes | +63 929 202 7005

Edison “Jingle” Saynes | +63 922 867 1165

Ryan Uybengkee |

Phoebe Kaye Fernandez |

Romel Pareja |


Rex Del Rosario | +63 927 798 7006

Don Gonzalez | +63 932 887 9208

Joey Sy-Domingo | +63 920 951 6494



Andrew James Wolf – Celebrity Host |

Valor Alba | +63908 864 5818

Milryl Dogomeo | +63999 033 8469

Chinese Host
Max Tiu |
Micheal Lim |
Willord Chua |
Jerome Go

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