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GQ Mobile Bar | “bringing classiness to your party at very reasonable prices.”

Why go to the bar when they can come to you? Mobile Bars are no-doubt the new craze for events – be it a wedding, debut, a family get-together or simply a friendly HOHOL. And here is one that we recommend for you!

BartendersHaving been in the mobile bar industry since 2011, GQ Mobile Bar prides itself in “bringing classiness to your party at very reasonable prices.” This new venture for Mr. Boogie actually started of as a suggestion from his brother-in-law, of which eventually came out as a really successful endeavor for him and his team. In fact, GQ Mobile bar was just a redesigned old aquarium stand in its early days. Little did everyone know that this aquarium in actuality has the capability to entertain not just fishes, but a whole lot of other people as well! GQ Mobile Bar has certainly gone beyond their own expectations in the bar industry. One of their biggest clients has got to be no other than Toyota Motor Philippines, not to mention that that opportunity came in during the early days of GQ Mobile Bar. Started from the bottom and now they cater at most 8-9 events per day! This team has managed to create a unique bar that can offer the perfect experience for their customers whatever the occasion.

“GQ Mobile Bar commits to making your event, one that you and your guests will never forget.”

GQ_Mobile_Bar_Logo_400x400GQ Mobile Bar offers a r a n g e o f international cocktails, as well as their own signature drinks which have been regularly chosen and enjoyed by many. But most of all, team GQ provides quality service with friendly, courteous staff and welltrained professional bartenders. For them, the relationship with their clients matters more than any business. “Attitude counts – we don’t just serve drinks to clients and guests but [rather] we interact and enjoy WITH them.” With this team, you’d be able to entertain all your guests and have no little things to worry about because GQ Mobile Bar is a friendly team of highly-skilled bartenders that will undoubtedly deliver your guests a guaranteed satisfaction. The result? You and everybody else will have a blast on your special day!


“ Always put your heart and soul in everything you do. Trust is important, so never break a trust with clients and fellow suppliers.” they said.

Bring the bar and fun to you by contacting GQ Mobile Bar now at | (0999) 881-3406 or (0920) 961-4240 | | |

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