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2017 Wedding Feng Shui Tips by Master Hanz Cua – Philippines trusted name in Feng Shui

Master Hanz Cua is dubbed as the “ and “Philippines trusted name in Feng Shui” and youngest Feng Shui Master in the Philippines and Asia.” He is a born physic – he reads people’s character by their faces and through his “third eye.” He does “tarot card” reading and conducts classes here and abroad.

He possesses a vast knowledge of ancient science of Feng Shui and other mystical arts like Bazi (Chinese Astrology) and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Purple Star Astrology) which decodes person’s destiny based on birth time and birth dates. Master Hanz has a diploma as Feng Shui Master Practitioner. He mastered this art by learning from Feng Shui grandmasters in China, Burma, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It earns him a “Sage” status.

Using Feng Shui as cure to emotional, spiritual and mental problems, Master Hanz is able to help a lot of people become prosperous, happy and successful.He is currently the in-house astrologer of ABS-CBN “UmagangKayganda” morning show and a regular guest in LS 97.1 “Wanted Sweetheart & Talk to Papa.”

Couples who want to make their wedding perfect seek his Feng Shui expertise to help them have successful union.

Wedding Feng Shui Tips

“Selecting the perfect day for an event or activity is about going with the flow of the cosmic energies so that you can get the most favorable outcome for your endeavors.When the three aspects of Heaven, Earth and Human luck are in harmony you tap into powerful auspiciousch’i that assures success and avoids the creation of major shathat will bring problems in the future.”  –Master Hanz


  • Date Selection – It is essential to pick the right wedding date which brings harmonious energies to special event. The date should be compatible with couple’s birthday.

For those born under the sign of Snake, Dragon and Ox, 2017 is an auspicious year to get married. The lucky colors which you can incorporate as motif in your wedding day are Gold, Red and Pink.


Rabbit, Tiger and Horse signs should wait until 2018 (Earth Dog year) to ensure lucky and lasting marriage. It is best to wed with sun ray’s shining on the couple to guarantee brighter future as husband and wife.

  • Wedding Venues–Venues should be chosen carefully based on couple’s strong and weak elements. Choose locations which attract positive “chi”. Outdoor locations should feature flowing waters, beautiful landscaped gardens or rolling hills. Indoor receptions should be in buildings with high-ceilings and without heavy beams.


You can choose to be wed in locations connected to your sign like water-beach or wood-mountain. However, the excellent way to ensure balance and auspicious energy during the wedding celebration is to place objects that represent these 5 elements:


Water- fountains, pool with lighted candles, bowls filled with water

Wood- flowers, plants

Earth – crystals like rose quarts

Fire- candles, chandeliers and bright lighting

Metal- round tables


  • Locations – Marriage universal direction is South-West. If possible, the newly-weds house should be facing this direction to ensure lasting marriage and relationship. During the wedding day, the objects that represent the elements should be placed properly in the areas that will activate their energy.


East– It is the zone for wood element which governs health and family

West – It is the area for metal element which governs children and creativity.

North – It is the zone for water element which governs financial success. Place water or chocolate fountain in this area. It is represented by black or blue colors.

South – It is the area for fire element which is responsible for good name and fame.

  • Entourage List – Make sure that your selected group of entourage has elements compatible to you and your partner. Clashing signsare rat-horse, ox- tiger, rabbit-rooster and tiger-monkey.People who clash with the couple’s elements should not be part as bestmen or bridesmaids entourage and attend wedding ceremony.
  • Foods Selection– The menu should include chicken, pork, pancit, fish and sweets. Steamed fish is recommended. Avoid turning it over or breaking its bones to prevent misfortune for the newlyweds.


Things to avoid 3 months prior to Wedding Day

  • Avoid attending funeral or wake – If one of couple’s parent died before the wedding date, postpone the ceremony for 100-1000 days to show respect to the deceased.
  • Avoid attending another wedding
  • Avoid visiting mothers who just give birth

Generally, the groom and bride should be genuinely happy and in-love to exude positive energy during the wedding day.

If you want Master Hanz assistance to help you in your wedding day prepping and guide you through Tarot Card Reading, check him out via this information.




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